Sugestão do dia

Elena Eves (Eliza Eves), is desperately looking for her phone in the living room. Nate, her stepfather (Ryan Driller), then enters the living room and takes the phone. He claims that she had left it in the kitchen. He thanks her and she eagerly checks the phone. However, she is disappointed to see that no new messages have been left. Elena claims that her boyfriend has not contacted her in the past two days and that it’s Valentine’s Day. She becomes upset and wonders what she did wrong. Nate comforts her by saying, “Chin up Buttercup.” He says that his wife is too busy lately and suggests that they have their own Valentine’s Day. Elena thinks that this sounds fun and Nate promises to make it extra special for her. Nate and Elena then go to a romantic movie together, as that was what Elena had planned to do with her boyfriend. The movie makes Elena sad because it reminds of the love that she used to have with her boyfriend before he stopped calling her. Nate touches Elena, as though they are meant to be comforting gestures. He surprises Elena by giving her a box full of chocolates and creepily observes her mouth licking the chocolate after she has finished eating one.
Nate questions Elena about what she plans to do today with her boyfriend. It’s not something she could do with anyone else, and she eventually admitted that she was going give up her virginity. Nate suggested to Elena that he could take her virginity. He points out that her boyfriend appears to have abandoned her and it is better to give her virginity a person she can trust. He’s surely the man she can most trust, right?